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Holger Weiss, Laura Hollsten, Stefan Norrgård, ‘Cotton and Salt: Swedish Colonial Aspirations and the Transformation of Saint Barthélemy in the Eighteenth Century’ accepted 26-09-2017

Brian Williams, Mark Riley, ‘Oral history and environmental history: towards realizing the potential of oral history as an environmental methodology’ accepted 08-01-2018

Martin Kalb, ‘Water, Sand, Molluscs: Imperial Infrastructures, the Age of Hydrology, and German Colonialism in Swakopmund, Southwest Africa, 1884-1915’ accepted 05-02-2018

Katja Bruisch, ‘Nature mistaken: economics, emotions and the reclamation of peatlands in Imperial and Soviet Russia’ accepted 06-03-2018

Noel Ndumeya, ‘Conserving Wildlife Resources in Zimbabwe: Reflections on Chirinda Forest, 1920s-1979’ accepted 06-03-2018

Marco Armiero, Filippo Gravagno, Giusy Pappalardo, and Alessia Denise Ferrara, ‘The Nature of Mafia: An Environmental History of the Simeto River Basin, Sicily’ accepted 10-04-2018

Rune Svarverud, ‘Ventilation for the nation: Fresh air, sunshine, and the warfare on germs in China’s national quest for hygienic modernity, 1849–1949’ accepted 10-04-2018

Fiona Williamson, Katrina Proust, ‘“Living in a state of filth and indifference to … their health”: Weather, Public Health and Urban Governance in Colonial George Town, Penang’ accepted 10-04-2018

Michael Christopher Low, ‘Desert Dreams of Drinking the Sea, Consumed by the Cold War: Transnational Flows of Desalination and Energy from the Pacific to the Persian Gulf’ accepted 21-05-2018

Andrew McTominey, ‘A Tale of Two Villages: An Environmental Study of the Washburn Valley’ accepted 19-06-2018

Christopher R Conz, ‘Sheep, Scab Mites, and Society: The Process and Politics of Veterinary Knowledge in Lesotho, Southern Africa, c. 1900-1933’ accepted 12-07-2018

Paula Schönach, ‘“From now on we all demand: give us pure ice!” – Natural and artificial ice in the service of food hygiene in nineteenth and twentieth century Helsinki, Finland’ accepted 03-08-2018

Sharyl Corrado, ‘The Monster in the Corner of the Map: Russian Visitors Describe Nature on Sakhalin Island (1850-1905)’ accepted 06-08-2018

Sarah Hardin, ‘Charging Responsibility for the Repercussions of Pesticide Usage in Post-War Francophone Africa’ accepted 08-08-2018

Dagomar Degroot, ‘War of the Whales: Climate Change, Weather, and Arctic Conflict in the Early Seventeenth Century’ accepted 27-08-2018

N. Harry Rothschild, ‘Man and Tree, Tumor and Burl: Complicating the Ecology of Illness in Early and Medieval China’ accepted 18-09-2018

Daniel R. Uden, David J. Wishart, Larkin A. Powell, Craig R. Allen, Rob B. Mitchell, Gerry Steinauer, ‘Adaptive fuel procurement in nineteenth century Great Plains landscapes’ accepted 18-09-2018

Hereward Longley, ‘Conflicting Interests: Development Politics and the Environmental Regulation of the Alberta Oil Sands Industry, 1970-1980’ accepted 18-09-2018

Erland Mårald, Christer Nordlund, ‘Modern Nature for a Modern Nation: An Intellectual History of Environmental Dissonances in the Swedish Welfare State’ accepted 23-10-2018

Joseph Lawson, ‘Cereals and Societies: Millet, Wheat, and Society in North China in the Very Long Term’ accepted 09-11-2018

Mar Grau-Satorras, Iago Otero, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Victoria Reyes-García, ‘Prudent peasantries: Multilevel adaptation to drought in early modern Spain (1600-1715)’ accepted 16-11-2018

Russell Edward McGregor, ‘Mateship with Nature: Nationalism and conservation in the writings of Alec Chisholm’ accepted 18-12-2018

Simo Laakkonen and Otto Tähkäpää, ‘Towards an Environmental History of Television Water Pollution Issues on Finnish Broadcasting Prior to Earth Day 1970’ accepted 29-01-2019

Jim Clifford, ‘London’s Soap Industry and the Development of Global Ghost Acres in the Nineteenth Century’ accepted 29-01-2019

Thomas Klubock, ‘The Early History of Water Wars in Chile: Rivers, Ecological Disaster, and Multinational Mining Companies’ accepted 13-02-2019

David Arnold, ‘Fire, Forest, City: A Social Ecology of Fire in British India’ accepted 15-02-2019

Chris Courtney and Fiona Williamson, ‘Disasters and the Making of Asian History’ accepted 26-03-2019

Rohan D'Souza, ‘Reviewing Floods in South Asian Environmental History’ accepted 26-03-2019

Kathryn Edgerton-Tarpley, ‘From Bodhisattva Earth to Man-Made Meat Essence: Famine Foods in Late-Qing, Nationalist, and Maoist China’ accepted 26-03-2019

Arupjyoti Saikia, ‘Earthquakes and Environmental Transformation of a Floodplain Landscape: The Brahmaputra Valley and Earthquakes of 1897 and 1950’ accepted 26-03-2019

Greg Bankoff, ‘Under the Volcano: Mount Mayon and Co-volcanic Societies in the Philippines’ accepted 26-03-2019

Jeanine Dagyeli, ‘The Fight against Heaven-Sent Insects: Dealing with Locust Plagues in the Emirate of Bukhara’ accepted 27-03-2019

Matthew P. Johnson, ‘‘Thirsty Sugar Lands’: Irrigation Dams, Sedimentation, and the Environmental Consequences of U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico, 1898-1934’ accepted 31-05-2019

Miles Alexander Powell, ‘Singapore’s Lost Coast: Land Reclamation, National Development, and the Erasure of Human and Ecological Communities, 1822-Present’ accepted 31-05-2019

Xiangli Ding, ‘“The Yellow River Comes from Our Hands ”: Silt, Hydroelectricity, and the Sanmenxia Dam, 1929-1973’ accepted 05-07-2019

Camilla Mørk Røstvik, ‘“Do Not Flush Feminine Products!” The Environmental History, Biohazards and Norms Contained in the UK Sanitary Bin Industry 1960-2020’ accepted 05-07-2019

Terence Young, Alan MacEachern, Lary Dilsaver, ‘Canada-US Cooperation: From Continental Competitors to Global Partners’ accepted 05-07-2019

Maria Daniela Rivarola, Daniel Simberloff, Christy Leppanen, ‘History of Protected Areas in Argentina: A Seesaw of Shifting Priorities and Policies in a Developing Country’ accepted 19-07-2019

Giacomo Parrinello, Renaud Bécot, Marco Caligari, Ismael Yrigoy, ‘Shifting Shores of the Anthropocene: The Settlement and (Impossible) Stabilization of the North-Western Mediterranean Littoral over the 19th and 20th Centuries’ accepted 09-08-2019

Marcin Krasnodębski, ‘The social construction of pine forest wastes in southwestern France during the 19th and 20th Centuries’ accepted 09-08-2019

Michael Mann, ‘Brandis the Forgotten Botanist’ accepted 09-08-2019

Merrill Baker-Médard, ‘Of Whales and Dugongs: Examining the Rise of Colonial Conservation as Development in Madagascar’s Marine History’ accepted 04-09-2019

Andrea Gaynor, Susan Broomhall, Andrew Flack, ‘Frogs and feeling communities: a study in history of emotions and environmental history’ accepted 11-10-2019

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