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Environmental Values themes

This page lists articles published in the past 3 years and forthcoming articles, grouped loosely into the following ‘themes’:









Published papers have the title first and link to abstracts; forthcoming papers have the author names first and link to full text (uncopyedited) PDFs. Editorials also link to full text PDFs.


Governing Climate Technologies: Is there Room for Democracy? Hayley Stevenson

Radically Non-Ideal Climate Politics and the Obligation to at Least Vote Green. Aaron Maltais

Climate Change and Political Philosophy: Who Owes What to Whom?. Joerg Chet Tremmel

Editorial: Adapting to a Perilous Planet. Kenneth Shockley and Andrew Light

Climate Change, Adaptation, and Climate-Ready Development Assistance.Andrew Light and Gwynne Taraska

Adaptation As Precaution. Lauren Hartzell-Nichols

Towards a More Grounded and Dynamic Sociology of Climate-Change Adaptation. Martin John Mulligan

Clowning Around with Conservation: Adaptation, Reparation and the New Substitution Problem. Benjamin Hale, Alexander Lee and Adam Hermans

Sourcing Stability in a Time of Climate Change. Kenneth Shockley

Editorial: Climate Change, Irreversible Change and Changing Perspectives. Claudia Carter

Moderate Emissions Grandfathering. Carl Knight

Civil Disobedience, Climate Protests and a Rawlsian Argument for 'Atmospheric' Fairness. Simo Kyllönen

Representing Global Public Concern: A Critical Analysis of the Danish Participatory Experiment on Climate Change. Gwendolyn Blue

Carbon Leakage and the Argument from No Difference. Matthew Rendall

Meeting the Targets or Re-Imagining Society? An Empirical Study into the Ethical Landscape of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in Scotland. Leslie Mabon and Simon Shackley

'It Helped Me Sort of Face the End of the World': The Role of Emotions for Third Sector Climate Change Engagement Initiatives. Milena Büchs, Emma Hinton and Graham Smith

Is it Arrogant to Deny Climate Change or is it Arrogant to Say it is Arrogant? Understanding Arrogance and Cultivating Humility in Climate Change Discourse and Education. Matt Ferkany

Stability and Change in British Public Discourses about Climate Change between 1997 and 2010. Stuart Capstick, Nicholas Pidgeon and Karen Henwood

Political Ambiguity in Chinese Climate Change Discourses. Alex Y. Lo

Impure Procedural Justice in Climate Governance Systems. Marco Grasso and Simona Sacchi

Managing Climate Change: Shifting Roles for NGOs in the Climate Negotiations. Chandra Lal Pandey

The New Prometheans: Technological Optimism in Climate Change Mitigation Modelling.Michael Keary

Can We Have It Both Ways? On Potential Trade-Offs Between Mitigation and Solar Radiation Management. Christian Baatz

Aerosol Geoengineering Deployment and Fairness. Toby Svoboda

How Much Risk Ought We to Take? Exploring the Possibilities of Risk-Sensitive Consequentialism in the Context of Climate Engineering. Harald Stelzer and Fabian Schuppert

Climate Engineering and the Cessation Requirement: The Ethics of a Life-Cycle . Christopher J. Preston

Rachel Howell, Simon Allen, ‘People and planet: Values, motivations and formative influences of individuals acting to mitigate climate change ’ accepted 16-08-2015

T.J. Kasperbauer, ‘The implications of psychological limitations for the ethics of climate change’


Deliberation on GMOs: A Study of How a Citizens' Jury Affects the Citizens' Attitudes. Marianne Aasen and Arild Vatn


Lose Less Instead of Win More: The Failure of Decoupling and Perspectives for Competition in a Degrowth Economy. Volker Mauerhofer

Environmentally Sustainable National Income: Indispensable Information for Attaining Environmental Sustainability. Roefie Hueting

Editorial: Degrowth or Regrowth? Mark Whitehead

Décroissance: A Project for a Radical Transformation of Society.Barbara Muraca

The Social Dynamics of Degrowth. Wiebren J. Boonstra and Sofie Joosse

Political Theory in a Closed World: Reflections on William Ophuls, Liberalism and Abundance. Andrew Dobson

De-Growth Is Not a Liberal Agenda: Relocalisation and the Limits to Low Energy Cosmopolitanism. Stephen Quilley

Voluntary Simplicity and the Social Reconstruction of Law: Degrowth from the Grassroots Up. Samuel Alexander

Editorial: Seeking Sustainability. Clive L. Spash

Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Philosophical Distinctions and Practical Implications.Donald Charles Hector, Carleton Bruin Christensen and Jim Petrie

Addressing Needs in the Search for Sustainable Development: A Proposal for Needs-Based Scenario Building. Catherine Jolibert, Jouni Paavola and Felix Rauschmeyer

Editorial: Price of Everything/Value of Nothing. Mark Whitehead

More or Less Pluralistic? A Typology of Remedial and Alternative Perspectives on the Monetary Valuation of the Environment.Alex Y. Lo

Reframing the Value of Nature: Biological Value and Institutional Homeostasis. Franz W. Gatzweiler

Rights to Ecosystem Services. Marc D. Davidson

The Capabilities Approach and Environmental Sustainability: The Case for Functioning Constraints. Wouter Peeters, Jo Dirix and Sigrid Sterckx

Segmentation of Green Product Buyers Based on Their Personal Values and Consumption Values. Seda Yıldırım and Burcu Candan

Ana Narciso Costa, José Castro Caldas, Ricardo Coelho, Maria de Fátima Ferreiro, Vasco Gonçalves, ‘The building of a dam: value conflicts in public decision-making’

Emmy Bergsma, ‘Expert-influence on value construction in environmental governance: An empirical analysis of discourse development on flood insurance in the United States ’ accepted 22-06-2015


Celebrating the Mundane: Nature and the Built Environment. Lenore Newman and Ann Dale

Finding - and Failing to Find - Meaning in Nature. Simon P. James

At the Centre of What? A Critical Note on the Centrism-Terminology in Environmental Ethics. Lars Samuelsson

Is Naturalism Bleak? A Reply to Holland and Cottingham. Ian James Kidd

The Virtue of Environmental Creativity. Jason Matteson

Aesthetic Value, Ethics and Climate Change. Emily Brady

Virtues for the Anthropocene. Marcello di Paola

The Virtues of Acknowledged Ecological Dependence: Sustainability, Autonomy and Human Flourishing.Mike Hannis

Plants in Ethics: Why Flourishing Deserves Moral Respect. Angela Kallhoff

The Land Aesthetic, Holmes Rolston's Insight. Maria José Varandas

Landscape Democracy, Three Sets of Values, and the Connoisseur Method.Finn Arler and Helena Mellqvist

Simon P. James, ‘The trouble with environmental values’

Glenn Deliège, ‘Contact! Contact! Nature preservation as the preservation of meaning’ accepted 24-04-2015

David Switzer and Nicole Frances Angeli, ‘Human and non-human migration: Understanding species introduction and translocation through migration ethics’ accepted 24-05-2015

Jonathan Prior and Emily Brady, ‘Environmental aesthetics and rewilding ’ accepted 18-06-2015

Dominic Sergio Lenzi, ‘Relativism, Ambiguity, and the Environmental Virtues: an Exploration of Care for Nature’ accepted 09-12-2015

Mick Lennon, ‘Moral-Material Ontologies of Nature Conservation in the Anthropocene: Exploring the Discord between Ecological Restoration and Novel Ecosystems’ accepted 17-12-2015


Bruno Latour and the Ontological Dissolution of Nature in the Social Sciences: A Critical Review. Jacques Pollini

The Impasses of Ecological Representation. Kerry H. Whiteside

Does Nature Have Value in the Pāli Canon? Colette Sciberras

Editorial: Some Reasons for Optimism. Simon Hailwood

Anthropocentrism and Egoism. John Nolt

Collective Environmental Virtue. David Clowney

Does Environmental Pragmatism Shirk Philosophical Duty?. Christopher H. Pearson

Editorial: Borders and Boundaries. Simon Hailwood

The Homeotechnological Turn: Sloterdijk's Response to the Ecological Crisis. Sanne van der Hout

A Historical and Systematic Survey of European Perceptions of Wilderness. Thomas Kirchhoff and Vera Vicenzotti

Paradigm Dressed as Epoch: The Ideology of the Anthropocene.Jeremy Baskin

Nature Advocacy and the Indigenous Symbol. Mihnea Tanasescu

Bio-, Agro- or even Social Fuels: Discourse Dynamics on Biofuels in Germany. Kirsten Selbmann

One Thousand Good Things in Nature: Aspects of Nearby Nature Associated with Improved Connection to Nature. Miles Richardson, Jenny Hallam and Ryan Lumber


The Need for Indigenous Voices in Discourse about Introduced Species: Insights from a Controversy over Wild Horses. Jonaki Bhattacharyya and Brendon M.H. Larson

The Blind Hens' Challenge: Does It Undermine the View That Only Welfare Matters in Our Dealings with Animals?. Peter Sandøe, Paul M. Hocking, Bjorn Förkman, Kirsty Haldane, Helle H. Kristensen, and Clare Palmer

Contesting Death: Conservation, Heritage and Pig Killing in Far North Queensland, Australia. Carla Meurk

Trevor Hedberg, ‘Animals, relations, and the laissez-faire intuition’ accepted 24-05-2015

Steve Cooke, ‘Animal Kingdoms: on habitat rights for wild animals ’ accepted 26-08-2015

John Nolt, ‘Are There Infinite Welfare Differences among Living Things?’ accepted 06-11-2015


Sovereign Citizens and Constrained Consumers: Why Sustainability Requires Limits on Choice. Susanne Menzel and Tom L. Green

Delivering Environmental Education in Kazakhstan Through Civic Action: Second-Wave Values and Governmental Responses. Dennis Soltys and Dilara Orynbassarova

What is Degrowth? From an Activist Slogan to a Social Movement. Federico Demaria, Francois Schneider, Filka Sekulova and Joan Martinez-Alier

Degrowth, Democracy and Autonomy. Viviana Asara, Emanuele Profumi and Giorgos Kallis

Editorial: Commons Made Tragic. Katie McShane

Deliberating Intergenerational Environmental Equity: A Pragmatic, Future Studies Approach. Matthew Cotton

Modern Water Ethics: Implications for Shared Governance. Jeremy J. Schmidt and Dan Shrubsole

Editorial: Equity, Ethics and Evidence in Environmental Governance. Claudia Carter

Editorial: Education for Sustainable Development. Isis Brook

Sharing the Earth: Sustainability and the Currency of Inter-Generational Environmental Justice. Allen Habib

The Geography of Somewhere: The Farmers' Market and Sustainability in Brno, Czech Republic. Benjamin J. Vail

Justice in Building, Building in Justice: The Reconstruction of Intragenerational Equity in Framings of Sustainability in the Eco-Building Movement. Kelvin Mason

Exploring the Relationship Between Values and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: The Influence of Locus of Control. Anna-Karin Engqvist Jonsson and Andreas Nilsson

Fracking on YouTube: Exploring Risks, Benefits and Human Values.Rusi Jaspal, Andrew Turner and Brigitte Nerlich

Rhetoric as a Means for Sustainable Development Policy.Gael Plumecocq

Pushing the Radical Nature Development Policy Concept in the Netherlands: An Agency Perspective. Simon Verduijn, Huub Ploegmakers, Sander Meijerink and Pieter Leroy

Community Resilience and Social Memory. Geoff A. Wilson

Reframing Problems of Incommensurability in Environmental Conflicts Through Pragmatic Sociology: From Value Pluralism to the Plurality of Modes of Engagement with the Environment. Laura Centemeri

Policy Decisions on Shale Gas Development ('Fracking'): The Insufficiency of Science and Necessity of Moral Thought. Darrick Trent Evensen

Should Ecological Citizenship Advocates Praise the Green State?. Carme Melo-Escrihuela

Governance and Images: Representations of Certified Southern Producers in High-Quality Design Markets. Anja Nygren

Rejecting Eco-Authoritarianism, Again. Dan Coby Shahar

Guilt and Elation in the Workplace: Emotion and the Governance of the Environment at Work. Rebecca Whittle

A Conceptual Framework to Enable the Changes Required for a One-Planet Future. Maria Honig, Samantha Petersen, Tom Herbstein, Saul Roux, Deon Nel and Clifford Shearing

Harald Stelzer and Fabian Schuppert, ‘How much risk ought we to take? Exploring the possibilities of risk-sensitive consequentialism in the context of climate engineering’ accepted 27-05-2015

Bernd Hackmann, ‘Regime Learning in Global Environmental Governance ’ accepted 21-06-2015

Andy Scerri, ‘Corporate social and environmental responsibility, the green critique of dualism, and the normalizing of ideological holism ’ accepted 22-06-2015

Megs S Gendreau, ‘Environmental injustice, political agency, and the challenge of creating healthier communities ’ accepted 22-06-2015

Scott C. Lougheed, Myra J Hird and R Kerry Rowe, ‘Governing Household Waste Management: An Empirical Analysis and Critique’

Hana Librová, Vojtěch Pelikán, ‘Ethical motivations and the phenomenon of disappointment in two types of environmental movements’

Onofrio Romano, ‘Coping with the horizontal hitch. The “con-formism” of degrowth alternative.’

Peter James Ferguson, ‘Liberalism and economic growth: A theoretical exploration’

Christopher Robert Groves, Catherine Butler, Karen Henwood, Karen Parkhill, Nick Pidgeon, Fiona Shirani, ‘Invested in unsustainability? On the psychosocial patterning of engagement in practices’

Janne I. Hukkinen, ‘Addressing the practical and ethical issues of nudging in environmental policy’ accepted 15-03-2015


Wildlife Gardening and Connectedness to Nature: Engaging the Unengaged. Amy Shaw, Kelly Miller and Geoff Wescott

Environmental Stewardship, Moral Psychology and Gardens. Marcello di Paola

Should We Move the Whitebark Pine? Assisted Migration, Ethics and Global Environmental Change.Clare Palmer and Brendon M.H. Larson

Deep Ecology, Hybrid Geographies, and Environmental Management's Relational Premise. Kate I. Booth

The Role of Values in a Community-Based Conservation Initiative in Northern Ghana. Lance W. Robinson and Kwame Ampadu Sasu

Hard Facts and Software: The Co-production of Indicators in a Land-use Planning Model. Laureen Elgert

Towards Sustainable Agricultural Stewardship: Evolution and Future Directions of the Permaculture Concept. Jungho Suh

The Nazi Comparison in the Debate over Restoration: Nativism and Domination.Eric Katz

Reconciliation with the River: Analysis of a Concept Emerging from Practice. Rafael Ziegler

Should We Move the Whitebark Pine? Assisted Migration, Ethics and Global Environmental Change.Clare Palmer and Brendon M.H. Larson

Alien Invasive Species Management: Stakeholder Perceptions of the Barents Sea King Crab. Jannike Falk-Petersen

Should Biodiversity be Useful? Scope and Limits of Ecosystem Services as an Argument for Biodiversity Conservation. Glenn Deliège and Stijn Neuteleers

Naturalness or Biodiversity: Negotiating the Dilemma of Intervention in Swedish Protected Area Management. Anders Steinwall

Jozef Keulartz, ‘Future directions for conservation’

Brian C. Campbell, ‘In search of Arcadia: Agrarian values and the homesteading tradition in the Ozarks, USA’

Ralf Doering, Leyre Goti, Lorena Fricke, Katharina Jantzen, ‘Equity and ITQs: About fair distribution in quota management systems in fisheries’

Karni Lotan Marcus, ‘The Fundamental Role of Large-Scale Trust Building in Natural Resource Management’ accepted 16-03-2015

Ulrich Brand, ‘How to get out of the multiple crisis? Contours of a critical theory of social-ecological transformation’ accepted 17-04-2015

Helena Siipi and Marko Ahteensuu, ‘Moral relevance of range and naturalness in assisted migration’ accepted 27-04-2015

Zachary Amedeo Piso, Ian Werkheiser, Samantha Noll, Leshko Christina, ‘Sustainability of what? Recognising the diverse values that sustainable agriculture works to sustain’ accepted 02-05-2015